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Management software and services for your healthcare facility to manage and audit IT architecture, quality and project management based on ISO and Joint Commission International.

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Record, recognize, realize – sfs-healthcare® designs your digital strategy for the future in three steps.


With sfs-healthcare® you start by recording the status quo of your IT architecture and all your analog and digital processes.


The recorded status quo will be compared with external requirements (standards) and internal goals. A target/actual comparison reveals any additional needs for optimization.


The resulting data-fact foundation enables management to formulate an individual digital strategy, derive operational objectives, and begin devising an implementation plan.

sfs-healthcare® closes strategic and operational gaps.

In IT & process analysis

Gap analysis and subsequent support of implementation in accordance with ISO, BSI and KRITIS with regard to IT and QA; replacement of legacy systems for project, change, quality and IT management.

Benefit aspect

Development of an IT environment that is also protected in the best possible way against serious external attacks.

During the digitalization of your institution

Gap analysis and support during the implementation phase in accordance with Joint Commission International (JCI) standards in relation to clinical processes.

Benefit aspect

Transparent internal and external communication thanks to automated reporting and efficient task, requirements and project management.

For JCI accreditation

Guidance during the realization of clinical and non-clinical as well as management processes based on JCI standards including preparation for accreditation.


sfs-healthcare® makes it possible to digitally store all JCI documentation requirements. Remote consulting services plus remote audits will therefore become a convenient reality.

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A simple and intuitive cloud platform. Test it online now!

In our live demo, we show you how to use sfs-healthcare® to develop your digital strategy from establishing the status quo to implementing improved care processes.

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Pilot project partners wanted: We are currently looking for healthcare facilities and clinics to pilot our software and services. You can expect intensive support, profound consulting, meticulous services and favorable conditions. Please contact us or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our software creates change.Our service creates trust.

Like our software, our services are minimally invasive tools. As much as necessary, and as little as possible – we always have exactly the right amount of help at your disposal. Our services are divided into three categories: Helpdesk, Support and Consultancy / Consultancy Plus.

Our helpdesk provides fast, unbureaucratic and uncomplicated assistance both remotely and / or over the phone.

Our support team will assist you as and when you need it and, in the case of an emergency, immediately. Our software is intuitive and user-friendly, but perhaps you would like active support during data migration? Maybe you would like to outsource time and resource commitment during migration? Then contact our support team and entrust us with the transfer and preparation of all your data. Exactly how you want it and how it best suits you economically…

Let our consultants advise you on how to carry out a precise and profound status quo analysis: Is the existing transferred data plus systems, processes or guidelines really all up to date? Should they be cleaned up or streamlined, and if so, according to which reliable criteria? What can be optimized, where can potential be leveraged, how can things be done even more efficiently? You can also turn to our consultancy if you have any questions on the subject of tenders. We will support you in defining goals and formulating requirements for possible new systems. Likewise, we will accompany and fully advise you on your journey to acquiring further certifications and accreditations and / or the implementation of digital transformation projects.

The JCI accreditation enjoys the highest international reputation … every accredited clinic and healthcare facility serves as a beacon and has a strong pull effect on patients. On the software side, sfs-healthcare® already contains all 600 test criteria, including patient rights, continuity of medical care and staff training. Together with our associated JCI consultants, we shall support you on your path to certification. High learning effects will be achieved, which will turn the time-consuming process, including the efforts of your involved employees, into a positive experience. In the end, the quality of care in your hospital will increase noticeably.


If competence is the totality of skills acquired and experience gained, we have a lot to show for it.

After years of diverse professional experience, including working with renowned providers of clinical software, and in particular with expertise in the fields of software architecture, software implementation and development, we know how things work. We understand where the breaking points are and, above all, how to avoid them. Driven by the idea of improving digital transformation in the healthcare industry, we want to ensure that you do a good job – the best one possible. Therefore, we offer our knowledge and expertise to help you strengthen your digital skills. And to make your digital transformation a total success.

The smooth, frictionless implementation of software for sustainable digitalization in clinics and hospitals is what we aim for. Our interdisciplinary setup predestines us – with Manuel Kuhn responsible for software development and technical expertise in cyber and data security, Dr. med. Chinwe Johnson, MPH for process optimization in global healthcare, with Amber Kyle for operating business and Doreen Dahlmann for management. Our core competencies strongly complement each other, and we can see the bigger picture clearly. Our company vision statement is at the forefront at all times:

“For a patient-centric healthcare facility that makes life easier for its employees through digital collaboration and communication.”

Talk to us. We look forward to hearing from you!

(L-R) Amber Kyle, Manuel Kuhn, Doreen Dahlmann, Dr. med. Chinwe Johnson, MPH

Doing good better.

As a startup, we can do a few things right from the start – for example, think sustainably from the outset, check structures for sustainability, buy, consume and invest with social responsibility, and communicate and act in a socially sustainable way.

Of course, we can sign on to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and endorse all that is in the 2030 Agenda for global sustainable development. The Agenda is a roadmap for the future, and we, too, must align our actions with it. – After all, a lot is at stake and everything matters. Every contribution counts.

In our sustainability essay, you can read about the agenda points in which we find ourselves in particular.


Are you looking for more than just a job? And can't do without the following five things? Then let's get together.

We are at the beginning with CIS – as we all know, there is special magic and power in that. It’s great when you see an option for you right away, when you feel directly addressed. Do you want to work with us on the future of digitalization in the healthcare IT sector? Do you see potential and opportunities? Then please do not hesitate! Write to us, contact us and we will explore the possibilities together…

We can guarantee an appreciative, respectful and open working environment, a trusting and attentive corporate culture, agile and hybrid working in the sense of New Work and by means of Scrum, OKR etc.

Back office, sales, programming, customer relationship management – wherever you see your place: with the goal of simplifying the work of clinic employees, an at least as exciting as meaningful activity awaits you. – We are already looking forward to getting to know you!

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There are three criteria that have to be met if you want to enjoy your work: firstly, it has to be fun, a real pleasure. You have to enjoy doing what you have to do from the bottom of your heart. Secondly, there must be recognition, both professional and qualified. That’s where you grow. In this way, one’s own motivation, performance and again, see above, joy, always grow. And thirdly, of course, the conditions must be right.

Enthusiastic customers are the beginning and end of this little circle: Their praise, their recognition of us and our performance is our fuel.

They are the reason why. Of course, they are also the reason why our customers are so enthusiastic. If the problem were simple, the solution simple – what would we be talking about? Here lies the challenge, we like to call it sporty…

This is one of the reasons why we like to live in the present time: Agile collaboration is easy and just fine today. Working together is accelerated, the cooperation is low-threshold, flexible, adaptable to any way of life and any personal rhythm. The processes involved run quietly, almost as if in the background, yet we can still rely on 24/7 if desired – remotely, globally. Nothing is impossible, they would say at Toyota…

Let’s face it, it’s fun when it’s smart. We enjoy smart togetherness and people who are on their toes and interested in our concerns … seriously. It’s the small differences that separate the wheat from the chaff. And why else would we embark on a venture today if we weren’t convinced we could do it better … than we’ve seen so far? Beuys said it so well: Those who don’t think get kicked out. Whoever thinks with us – can do and create whatever…

After work is before work, but every now and then there is a break. That’s when many like to go out and party together. Nothing against karaoke, but we even prefer to share the challenge… Gladly outside in nature and maybe sometimes on challenging terrain? Anyway, we’re already looking forward to competing together. Every challenge is a good one. Are you in?